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We are Working In Holland, a recruiting company focused on re-locating professionals to work full-time in The Netherlands.
As a small and flexible firm, focusing on one specialty, we have been able to produce a top-level portfolio of professionals, with a focus in the Financial and IT sectors.
Holland is very open right now to employ highly skilled migrants especially from countries outside of the European Union.
Favourable tax deductions have been put in place for companies and candidates that take this option
Legal procedures have been made simpler to assure that the process is cost-effective for companies undertaking it, even more so for Non-EU applicants. When using the services of our company, this will become even easier.
We will present employers with highly qualified candidates, who you will select, interview and possibly recruit and the process will be transparent and comparable with the process of hiring a local.
All of our candidates have international experience, are fluent in English and are used to working in diverse companies.
Our portfolio consists of hand-picked applicants with the best qualifications in their industry, very willing to relocate looking to jump ahead in their careers.
You will see capacity, potential and qualifications in each one of our candidates.
Our candidates can be assured that their information and application is treated with professional care.
We aim to create successful matches, of interest to both parties.
If you are an employer, we invite you to see our Employers section, with more information about our processes and vision. If you are an applicant, we invite you to read our FAQ and take a look at our Candidates section. If you wish to apply, please send us a resume through our Contact page.